Yuhuan successfully approved "national famous brand building demonstration zone for plumbing valve industry".
Publisher£ºshuodun       Release time£º2018/9/26

Recently, Yuhuan Municipal People's Government declared that "National Water Heating Valve Industry Well-known Brand Building Demonstration Zone" was approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection. This is the first "national brand" approved by Yuhuan at the government level, marking the official beginning of the work of establishing a demonstration zone for the well-known brand of the water heating valve industry in our city.
Establishing "National Well-known Brand Demonstration Zone" is a brand-new work measure launched by Yuhuan to promote high-quality development strategy. The plumbing valve industry is the pillar industry of Yuhuan. In 2011, it was listed by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau as "the key project of standardization of Zhejiang massive industry". In 2014, it was recognized by Zhejiang Brand Strategy Promotion Committee as "Zhejiang Regional Brand". Through the establishment of well-known brands, it will cultivate the plumbing valve region with remarkable characteristics and strong competitiveness. Brand, effectively enhance the value of regional brand.
It is reported that after being approved to build "National Well-known Brand Creation Demonstration Zone", our city will formulate brand construction plan, promulgate policies and measures to support brand construction, increase investment in brand cultivation, promotion and protection, consolidate the quality foundation of brand construction, and build a good brand construction in line with the requirements of industrial transformation and upgrading. Atmosphere. After completing the preparatory work, our city will submit for acceptance. After passing the expert examination and acceptance, it will be formally named by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection.




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