Inventory of new products developed by domestic valves in 2017
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By tackling key technical problems, 11 Institutes of Sixth Academy of Sciences have tackled key technologies such as high temperature pinch valves for fly ash extraction alumina process system. The successful development of the valve will lay a solid foundation for solving the requirements of control valves of various specifications and uses for industrial system of extracting alumina from fly ash and industrial production.
CAP1400 ADS automatic pressure reducing system valve, low dropout open check valve, large caliber electric gate valve
On March 12, 2017, three valves, CAP1400 ADS automatic pressure-reducing system valve, low-pressure differential open check valve and large-caliber electric gate valve, developed jointly by China Nuclear Soviet Valve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, passed the acceptance test smoothly.
The three valves are pioneered in China and have reached the international advanced level. They can be used in CAP1400/CAP1000 and other nuclear power projects with good social and economic benefits.
Main steam isolation valve
On April 13, 2017, the acceptance of the main steam isolation valve of Fuqing No. 5 Unit of Hualong No. 1 was successfully completed, which marked a zero breakthrough in the manufacturing and application of the main steam isolation valve, the most important nuclear power valve.
The main steam isolation valve is one of the most important equipment in nuclear power plant. It has laid a solid foundation for the smooth construction of the world's first pile of "Hualong 1" and the creation of "Hualong 1" beautiful business cards.
Deep water high pressure solenoid valve
In June 2017, the high-voltage solenoid valves for deep-sea BOP of North China Petroleum, which were undertaken by 11 expedition companies of the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group, successfully completed the test and delivered the products to use.
Deep-water solenoid valves directly control the start-up of deep-water BOP units in deep-water drilling operations, while working under 3000 meters of water for a long time, and need to withstand deep water, low temperature and sea water corrosion for a long time. They are key equipment to ensure the safety and reliability of deep-water drilling operations. Previously, only a few companies in the United States and Germany were able to produce this product. Production. The Institute insists on technological innovation, solves the problem of corrosion resistance of seawater solenoid valve in seawater medium, successfully develops the product of the solenoid valve, greatly reduces the production cost of the product, and improves the reliability of the product.
High voltage flexible DC transmission valve
On July 6, 2017, the (+800 KV/5000 MW) UHV Flexible HVDC Converter Valve independently developed by the enterprise affiliated to China West Power Group successfully passed the insulation test and operation test, which marked the success of the development of UHV Flexible HVDC Converter Valve with the highest voltage level and the largest capacity in the world.
The advent of this product has promoted the progress of China's flexible HVDC transmission technology and further consolidated China's international leading position in this field.
LZ943WF-900LB-24 "Regulating Flat Gate Valve, 24" FLJ941H900LB High Pressure Throttle Cut-off Vent Valve and Dark Rod Flat Gate Valve for Wellhead
On December 2, 2017, three new product prototypes of LZ943WF-900LB-24 "adjustable flat gate valve", 24 "FLJ941H900LB high pressure throttle cut-off valve and concealed rod flat gate valve for wellhead developed by Jiangsu Salt Valve Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the national product appraisal of localized valves.
These three new products have filled the gaps in China and reached the advanced level at home and abroad. They can be put into production in batches and have broad market prospects.




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