Valve market downturn, control costs and innovation is the key.
Publisher£ºshuodun       Release time£º2018/9/26

With the rising cost of land, the wages of valve production technicians are also soaring, but the prices of the corresponding products are not rising and decreasing. In the compressed market space step by step, it is one thing for valve enterprises to be good at finding opportunities for development. Only by starting with details, can they develop for a long time. Whether occupying the first or second-line market or entering the third or fourth-line valve enterprises, we should not forget that the innovator of products is the key.
Valve enterprises to survive in the forest of the industry is the first price problem, because the overall market downturn, rising costs of enterprises, resulting in difficulties in business operations, pressure procurement personnel to reduce procurement costs, then the valve can not easily rise prices, which will directly lead to the decline in corporate profits, in this case, the valve industry We can not care about competitive costs. Several years ago, we had advocated reducing costs and reducing expenditure. At this stage, the idea of valve enterprises is how to remain invincible in the high-cost competition, so it is necessary to constantly innovate and upgrade from the design, to be more precise in production, to plan rationally in human resources, in short, to upgrade the hardware of enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Sales and services of enterprises can not be ignored. Now the most important thing for valve enterprises is to support distributors vigorously. Because in the current environment, agents are prone to negative emotions, and even want to consider withdrawing from the market. So, as a valve enterprise, the most important thing is no longer to open up the market in the past, but to focus on maintaining it. The currently occupied market and then consider developing the market. So how to grasp the support between the new agent and the old agent is a quite realistic test for valve enterprises.
However, it is very difficult for new valve companies to find a living space in the front-line market. Unless they have strong strength and unique core advantages, they should not take this risk, because the enterprises that have entered the front-line are not necessarily in a profit state, they are just maintaining their corporate image or their own core advantages. He needs it. The most important thing for new enterprises in valve industry is to develop their own production strength by financing, and to open up the second and third-line markets, which is the most critical.
How to survive the crisis under such cruel market pressure depends on how the valve company chooses its role according to its own script, how to play its own acting skills thoroughly, in other words, who positioned well, who persevered in the end, who is the winner.




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