Heating reform and regulation of valve market to welcome business opportunities
Publisher£ºshuodun       Release time£º2018/9/26

A small valve on the radiator can automatically keep the temperature in the room in winter to what you think is the most comfortable level; when the outdoor temperature rises one day, the boiler room can also automatically adjust the temperature of the effluent to avoid unnecessary waste of heat energy; centralized heating will not occur between different buildings in the same district. The windows are heated and the room temperature is not enough in some rooms. Reporters learned from the Air Conditioning Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences that these energy-saving technologies and products have been popularized in Europe for more than 30 years. At present, their applications in China are still very limited, and many people still lack understanding of them. In the "Implementation Opinions of the Ministry of Construction on Promoting Heating Measurement" recently issued by the Ministry of Construction, regulators such as radiator thermostat valves, climate compensation and hydraulic balance are explicitly required to be installed and utilized in heating systems and buildings.
Radiator thermostatic valve: keep room temperature constant.
The radiator thermostatic valve is a valve installed on the front end of the radiator, consisting of two parts: the warm package and the valve body. Temperature chamber is a temperature control element, which contains temperature-sensitive medium. When the indoor temperature rises, the medium expands, pushing the valve stem to reduce the opening, thereby reducing the hot water supply to the radiator; when the room temperature falls, the medium shrinks, the valve opens, and the hot water supply to the radiator increases, thus keeping the room temperature constant, which can not only improve the room temperature. It is moderate and energy efficient. Users can also set their own temperature according to their needs. The constant temperature valve will automatically control and adjust the hot water supply of the radiator according to the set requirements, so that the room temperature can be kept at the level set by users. A large number of European practices show that the use of thermostatic valves can save energy by 30% on average.
Huang Wei, secretary-general of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of HVAC and Purification Equipment, told reporters that the first domestic industry standard for radiator thermostat valves had been completed and will soon be published and implemented, which is expected to standardize and promote the thermostat valve production industry in China.
Climate compensator: dynamic adjustment of heat source output
Different from the constant temperature valve installed on each radiator, the climate compensator is installed in the boiler room or heat exchange station. It can make the heat source output dynamically adjust according to the changes of outdoor temperature and return water temperature of heating system, and realize heating according to demand. In cities, because of the urban heat island effect, the outdoor temperature is often higher than the weather forecast temperature. If the output of heat source can not be adjusted in real time according to the indoor and outdoor temperature conditions, it will inevitably lead to waste of heat energy. Climate compensator can aim at this point, according to the return water temperature and outdoor temperature, control the outlet water temperature at any time, simply and accurately realize dynamic adjustment; most importantly, it can set the room temperature in different time periods according to the needs of users. For example, for an office building, room temperature is required from 8:00 to 18:00 on Monday to Friday, and freeze-proof temperature is only needed for other periods of time. Climate compensator will automatically adjust heating output level according to room temperature setting value and outdoor temperature to achieve temperature adjustment.




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